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  • The Story

    Why Choose Palmera?

    Your vacations become part of you. We want to help you make sure those memories are ones you share and treasure for a lifetime.

    Palmera Vacation Club members are “insiders” from the first moment – and every moment – of their vacation. We have built for our Members, unsurpassed relationships on one of the world’s top-ranked resort islands, unlocking endless possibilities for an incredible vacation experience.

    Palmera Vacation Club invites you to sit back and relax
    Palmera Vacation Club invites you to sit back and relax
    Palmera Vacation Club invites you to perfect your golf swing
    Palmera Vacation Club invites you to dive in

    How It Works

    Palmera Vacation Club makes it easy for you to design your enjoyment – from thrills to relaxation, from diversion to passion, from amusement to bliss.


    Palmera Vacation Club carefully collects a portfolio of resorts that share the values we found on the island of our birth - the gentle passion for life’s finest experiences and the enjoyment of nature’s most beautiful environments. The Palmera Resorts Portfolio becomes the standard our members come to expect in every escape, no matter the destination.


    The freedom and flexibility you enjoy as a member extends to 4,000 resorts around the world, through our global exchange network. Your member points become the currency you can use every year to make your own selection practically anywhere.

    The Power of Your Privileges

    Each year members receive points that become their own currency for investing in the vacations of their dreams. The length of your stay, your destination, accommodations, and the season of your vacation can be tailored by the way you use your Vacation Club Points.

    Points can be deferred if time is tight, and accelerated if friends or family join-in. Points can even be added to expand your vacation options, or if more vacation time becomes available. You are the master of this currency, and putting it to use your way is as easy as logging in to your Member Portal.

    Our Resorts

    Come away to Hilton Head Island.

    Discover the satisfaction, ease and enjoyment that are yours when personal passions harmonize with the beauty of nature. When genuine hospitality greets you like an old friend. This same inspiration is yours around the world with Palmera Vacation Club.

    Blending a seaside resort with the natural landscape. Letting the beauty of nature take the spotlight.Designing the gentlest approach to putting people’s passions in play. These were our founders’ visions.

    They drew inspiration from the South Seas in preserving the sugar-white beaches and elegant palms. From Portofino, the Mediterranean magnet, for how to harbor yachts. From Scottish links, the sport’s birthplace, for guidance refreshing golf by reviving tradition. They cherished the Sea Island culture that grew here before us.

    The Palmera Resorts Portfolio

    Designed and built to set a new level at the top of resort industry standards, every property in the Palmera Resorts Portfolio offers a unique experience for our guests. Each resort boasts its own distinct personality, while maintaining the common threads of comfort, quality, and conveniences. Highly ranked and awarded year after year by numerous travel publications, we are proudest of all the accolades received directly from our visitors.

    Our resort staff shares decades of experience across all aspects of guest services, resort maintenance, housekeeping, activities, and management; all to ensure you are as satisfied as possible with your vacation experience. The focus of this team of professionals is to provide world class service on a consistent basis to guests at any of our resorts, and they cannot wait to welcome you with a smile.

    Discover how we've refined the field by offering you the Palmera Resorts Portfolio.

  • Your Benefits

    Palmera Escape

    Members use Palmera Escape to step outside our home network with the help of our concierge service, and get privileged access to RCI resort affiliates around the world. With this connection, your flexibility is virtually unlimited. Palmera Escape opens a world of travel possibilities, with exchanges to all of the wonderful destinations through RCI.

    Cancun, Mexico
    Kauai, Hawaii
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Lake Tahoe, California

    Palmera Play

    Wherever you look for those activities that energize your spirit, restore your soul and make you feel your best self, you are welcomed there like home because of the exclusive relationships we have built with our partners to ensure your very best vacation experience.

    A privileged introduction and insider discounts are always at your fingertips with your Palmera Vacation Club membership.

    Get Park lane Hotel and Suites Disoucnts With Palmera Play
    A Full Travel Agency With The Power Of Palmera Vacation Club
    Get great golf discounts with Palmera Play
    Get All Sorts Of Discounts With Palmera Play

    Member Portal

    The world is at your fingertips. With your private Palmera Vacation Club member portal you can manage and invest your Vacation Club Points, select from a dazzling array of destinations, arrange direct booking and keep records of your travel plans. Just click “Member Login” above.

    Become A Member

    Your guide to a lifetime of memorable vacations is your Palmera Vacation Club Advisor. The decision is yours, and we are eager to work with you to customize the plan that makes your dreams come true every year.

    For more information by call 888.88.Palmera (888.887.2563) or tap here to chat live with a Palmera Vacation Advisor now.

  • Hilton Head Island

    Award-Winning Hilton Head Island


    Named America’s favorite island by Travel & Leisure Magazine, Hilton Head Island makes memories unlike any other place in the world.

    So near and yet so far from the everyday. So closely blended with nature and yet so refined. An island getaway tucked offshore between Charleston and Savannah, people at first are surprised that such a paradise is theirs for the enjoying, right on the Carolina Coast.

    Our beaches often appear in Top Ten lists for the whole world, and when you see them you’ll know why. More than thirty top-flight golf courses give Hilton Head the nickname, “Golf Island.” Kayaking, nature and wildlife tours, dolphin cruises are just the start of what keeps outdoor enthusiasts coming year after year.

    Art lovers peruse the region’s most distinguished galleries and theater-goers say the shows they see at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina are every bit as fine as Broadway, often better.

    Shopping abounds, from crafts to brand outlets. Festivals and farmers markets in historic sites put people in touch with life at its best. The world-famous Harbour Town Yacht Basin and Shelter Cove nourish the nautical in everyone.

    Our sea island heritage imparts a pace and a sense of priorities that people find fulfilling. Many choose to return year after year.

    Why Choose Hilton Head Island?

    Original, authentic, Hilton Head Island is the genuine article. This resort island inspired so many earth-friendly ways to enjoy natural beauty, that every world-class resort since our beginning has taken a page or two from our book.

    The subtropical climate means comfort year-round. Think Bermuda rather than Miami. A “bad” winter day here might be 58 degrees. Our springs and falls are simply matchless. Summer on Hilton Head Island sees the sun spotlight sugar-white beaches, graceful palms, with a four-o’clock breeze that changes the air for the coming of evening.

    From a sea bird serenade on your bike ride to a stroll through a Mediterranean-style village with yachts moored alongside, their rigging clinking on the masts, the sights and sounds of Hilton Head Island stay with you, the perfect setting for what you love in life.

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    Contact Us

    P.O. Box 7602
    Hilton Head Island, SC 29938

    33 Office Park Road Suite 219
    Hilton Head Island, SC 29928


    How do I use my Vacation Club Points?

    • The membership profile you select brings with it a certain number of points each year. You can allocate those points to adjust the destination, the season of your stay, and your accommodations every time you travel. As a Palmera Vacation Club member you can also defer, accelerate or even add to your points with a visit to your Member Portal, to customize your vacation experience.

    How often must I vacation on Hilton Head Island?

    • Never, or always, it’s up to you! North America’s favorite resort island is the inspiration for Palmera Vacation Club, but by no means is it our limit. Many members view Hilton Head Island as their home base, no matter how far their imaginations may take them year-to-year.

    What if I can’t take time off?

    • Members can defer their points and save them for another year. Sometimes this is an opportunity for a later vacation that is farther afield, includes more friends or family, or takes place at a more sought-after time of year.

    What if I don’t have enough points for the vacation I want this time?

    • Members can accelerate the use of their points, borrowing the points they might have used in a later year. You can even purchase more points if you prefer, to make this year’s vacation exactly as you want it to be.

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