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Designed to incorporate the beauty of Hilton Head Island, along with your very own, personal idea of what makes the dream vacation, we proudly introduce the Palmera Vacation Club.  Inspired by tried and true concepts that put Hilton Head on the map, you will now have the opportunity to be a part of something which will allow you to create your dream vacations as you have always hoped they would be.

To go forward, we first looked back to the genius planning of some of the most successful vacation clubs and ironically, found them to be rooted here in Hilton Head.  Knowing this, Palmera Vacation Club has worked especially hard to harvest outstanding relationships with select local vendors/partners which will enable us to successfully and completely fulfill our members dreams.  The Palmera Vacation Club takes into account the natural beauty of Hilton Head Island, and seamlessly meshes it with the sports, activities, dining and culture that you wish to include in your vacation plans.

While we encourage our members to look upon Hilton Head as their home base, Members of the Palmera Vacation Club will have access to a carefully cultivated portfolio of resorts not only on Hilton Head, but worldwide.  By use of members Vacation Club Points, members will have access to a global network of over 4,000 select resorts.

Members will have direct access to their very own bank of Vacation Club Points which will allow them to design their unique, dream vacation time and again.  Each vacation our club members design will be to their specifications, and no two vacations need be alike.  Members will have privileged access to these hand selected destinations which will service our members in the Hilton Head tradition.  Vacation Club Points may be advanced or deferred from year to year, which will allow members flexibility in planning.  Additionally, access to the exclusive member portal on the Palmera Vacation Club website will simplify the planning process.

Inspired by the Hilton Head design, the Palmera Vacation Club is here to provide your family with the vacations they have always dreamed of.  This is how your vacations were meant to be.  Membership sales will begin September 1st at the Palmera Vacation Club sales office on Hilton Head Island.

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