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Insider’s Guide To Year Round Golf On Hilton Head

By Hope Arent,  PVC Content Guru

With the imminent return of Tiger Woods, The Masters approaching, and Heritage buzz starting to fill Hilton Head Island, it only seems fitting to talk about golf on the island and share some insider tips for traveling to Hilton Head, whether it’s for a golf trip specifically, or if that’s just a staple of every Hilton Head vacation you go on.

The golf season typically is limited to summer months in most parts of the country, but Hilton Head’s mild climate keeps that little white ball rolling year round. Hilton Head is home to the most golf courses per mile of anywhere in the world, and with 33 unique, world-class tracks you’re sure to find a course perfect for your game.

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No Hilton Head vacation is complete without stopping by the links, so let’s get right into our golf tips:

Don’t be intimidated by the “Shoulder Seasons”

Most places in the country, the golf season is going to be limited to those 2-3 summer months where the sun is shining and there is no snow on the ground. Hilton Head, however, has made its name as a golf destination with a climate mild enough for year-round play. In September,  the average high of 84 creates little-to-no differentiation between the dead of summer in the Northeast parts of the country. As you move into October, it cools down a bit to an average high of 77 – this is one of the best times to be on the course. November through March are typically running in the sixties, and there are few days when it is impractical to go out and play 9 or 18 with a light jacket, even in the dead of winter.

The coldest month, January, still has an average high of 60 degrees, and can even have days that feel more like Spring than Winter coming along to surprise you with that great golfing weather. Even with the more mild months of temperature, you can bank on no more than 5-8 days of rain per month. No rain? No snow on the ground? Sounds like golfing weather to me!

Check on the green fees for your trip

Just like anywhere in the country, green fees fluctuate based on the time of year, as well as the time of day. There isn’t a ton of information showcasing different prices for the different time of year but here is what we could gather as far as rates for different times of the year –

Green Fee Estimates by Date in Order from Least Expensive to Most Expensive:

    • November 26 – March 11
    • May 14 – September 9
    • September 10 – November 25
    • March 12 – May 13

Notice that the second lowest greens fees are during summer – this works out well for both the whole family that loves hitting the beach, and the family members that want to get that afternoon round in while on vacation.

You can always check on GolfNow for rates any time of the year, and make sure to call and ask about Twilight rates after 12:00 PM and Super Twilight rates after 2:00 PM.

Take advantage of everything that off-season in the Lowcountry has to offer

There is so much to take advantage of during the off-season and shoulder seasons in Hilton Head. Not only is the weather great, there are less crowds and a ton going on. For the golf lovers – the most obvious event that should be at the top of your list is the RBC Heritage, which falls on April 9-15 this year.

Hilton Head is a destination for the whole family though, so we don’t want to leave out the non-golfers when it comes to off-season travel. The shoulder seasons are filled with festivals and fun for the whole family. Just to name a few:

    • The Gullah Festival in February
    • Hilton Head Seafood Festival in February
    • Beaufort International Film Festival in February
    • Chamber Restaurant Week in February
    • Hilton Head Wine and Food Festival in March
    • St. Patrick’s Day Parades in Hilton Head and Savannah
    • Palmetto Heart Walk in April
    • Yacht Hop in May
    • Captain Woody’s Tennis Fall Classic in September
    • Historic Bluffton Arts and Seafood Festival in October
    • Halloween on the Harbour
    • Thanksgiving Activities
    • Harbour Town Lights starting in November
    • Caramel Apple Festival in November

All in all, there is no bad time to visit Hilton Head for any reason – and there is always reason to justify spending time on the golf course while you’re here!

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