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Hilton Head Island Airport Updates

Earlier this month, American Airlines started offering non-stop flights to and from Charlotte – 3 inbound and 3 outbound flights per day, 7 days a week. The aircraft holds 76 passengers, which is a huge upgrade from the 28 passenger flights that were previously offered in and out of HHH. The launch of the flights comes after 8 years and $22 million of runway renovations, which were just completed at the beginning of July.

The Above Information Regarding the Airport Comes from WJCL22’s article on July 6. Click here to read their article and watch their coverage.

The new flights, to & from Charlotte on the bigger planes, truly open the door to ease of travel in and out of Hilton Head! Being in the business of vacations the way they were meant to be, we know that a lot of times travel to and from can be the worst part of the whole thing!!

Just to get a little more insight into the “reality” of the flights in and out of Hilton Head, and how easy it could really be, we have done a little “travel agenting” for y’all to check out.

To give an example of rates, we chose August 24-31 from these destinations to Hilton Head. It’s a Friday to Friday, so you can be sure you’re not looking at weekday rates that aren’t going to exist for a real vacation, and it’s about far enough out that it’s realistic for when you would actually be booking travel for vacations.

Here are the results of our little experiment:

  • Charlotte – $315 (1 hr 55 min travel time)
  • New York (EWR) – $380 (5 hr 4 min travel time)
  • Atlanta – $330 (4 hr 3 min travel time)
  • Nashville – $489 (4 hr 9 min travel time)
  • Washington, D.C – $429 (3 hr 34 min travel time)
  • Philadelphia – $410 (4 hr 14 min travel time)
  • Columbus – $414 (3 hr 53 min travel time)

For the full Google Flights Search we looked at, click here.

We are really excited to see how the airport grows and the opportunity it brings to make travel in and out of Hilton Head a little easier, year after year! Make sure to keep your eye on the sky (or Google Flights, at least) to see if any good deals pop up for your next vacation to our sweet little island!

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